About Sarah

I’m Sarah Holland, and I live in Prince George, BC.

In my work life, I’m a financial planner, with a Certified Financial Planner designation. I also hold a Chartered Investment Manager designation.

Since November 2018, I’ve worked for Manulife as a Financial Planning Consultant and Paraplanner, providing comprehensive financial planning support to advisors incorporating financial planning within their practice in order to help clients achieve their goals and plan for their future. I do not work directly with clients of my own; I work with advisors in the Planning Oriented Advisor Program with Manulife.

In my volunteer life, I am currently running for a vice-president position with BCCPAC, the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils, and I have answers to the nomination questions posted here.

I’m on Facebook, and I’m also on LinkedIn, but not really that often. I even occasionally use Twitter.

My personal email address is sarah@sarahholland.com, my cell phone # is 250-565-4949, and my home phone # is 250-962-7225.