About Sarah

My name is Sarah Holland, and I live in Prince George, BC.

In my work life, I’m a financial planner, with a Certified Financial Planner designation. I’m licensed for securities through Aligned Capital Partners Ltd., and am also licensed for insurance, through Canadian Benefits Investment and Insurance Group.

My passion is in helping people make sense out of their financial options. When I people meet with me, I want you to be reassured that things make sense, you’re more confident in your future, you know more, and you’re confident that they have someone with expertise on their side, who you can trust.

In my volunteer life, my focus is the Prince George District Advisory Council. The Prince George DPAC has the right to advise the school board on any matter relating to education in the school district – we represent the parents and the parent advisory councils of the district, working towards the education system meeting the needs of all of our children.

I’m on Facebook, and I’m also on LinkedIn, but not really that often. I even occasionally use Twitter.

I have two work email addresses – sholland@alignedcp.com and sarah@cbiggroup.ca. My work phone # is 250-561-1593, or 888-564-7484.

My personal email address is sarah@sarahholland.com, my cell phone # is 250-565-4949, and my home phone # is 250-962-7225.