A rationale for running from Prince George Citizen editorial

I found this editorial in the Prince George Citizen very meaningful to me – “If you don’t feel a burning desire to do your part to make your community better, then you shouldn’t run.

If you don’t play well with others and think you already have all the answers so you don’t need to consider the views of others, you shouldn’t run.

If you’re running out of anger because you’ve been hard done by, you shouldn’t run.

If you wouldn’t do it for free, you shouldn’t run.

On the other hand, if you love this community and feel you owe Prince George a far greater debt than it owes you, please consider political service.

If you love the people of this community and want to work for all of them, not just the ones who agree with you or voted for you, please consider political service.

If you are willing to cast a vote on a controversial issue knowing that friends and family will be upset with you but you believe your stance is what’s best for the overall community, please consider political service.

Let nothing but fear and the opportunity to make a difference stop you.”

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