Lunch in the Schools

I’ve had a couple of questions from parents about time given to children to eat lunch, and what my position is on that as a school trustee candidate.

My position on that is the same as when I, on behalf of DPAC, was bringing this to the school district last year, which is that elementary school students should have more time to eat lunch than 15 minutes.

There was some media about that, at the time (you can see me in the CKPG video):

The full lunch survey report is available from the DPAC website here:

To quote from this report:

  • DPAC’s recommendations are as follows:
  • Increase the amount of time provided for students to eat
  • Look at merits of providing reverse lunches (play first, then eat)
  • Review adult vs. student lunch time supervision in classrooms
  • Engage in further conversation and communication about these issues

In January, DPAC said: “We urge parents and parent advisory councils to continue this conversation with the staff at their child’s school, and to remember that purpose of parent advisory councils, according to the school act, is to advise the board and the principal and staff of the school respecting any matter relating to the school – to be a stronger, collective voice of parents.”

As a trustee, this would be an issue that I would be very interested in pursuing. It will be important to do so in consultation with teachers, education assistants, and school administrative staff, but I believe it is everyone’s best interests to make sure that students have enough time (and food!) to eat, as a hungry child will have difficulty learning and concentrating.


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