My submission to the Prince George Citizen

I am passionate about the importance of the public education system in our democratic society, and the role that our school system plays in helping all our children acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to contribute to a healthy community.

In 2010, the school that my children attended was closed, and I realized the importance of the district to individual schools and students. I volunteered at the district level, and as chair of the district parent advisory council, I helped represent parent views on issues such as capacity, student time to eat lunch, safety, financial hardship, bullying, and much more.

My qualifications for the job of trustee include:

  • years of experience with the school system, having participated in committees such as policy and governance, budget, education services, and more
  • commitment to public education
  • strong financial background, to help make decisions on the $165 million budget
  • respectful working relationship with the partner groups of the district
  • familiar with policy and procedures, having attended most board meetings over the past 7 years


Some of the things I’d like to work on as a trustee are:

  • Proactively planning for student numbers, so that students aren’t turned away from school or faced with crowded schools
  • The right of each unique learner to access the resources and supports they need for success
  • Working together, because success in education needs a team approach.
  • Using facts and data to make well thought out decisions
  • A commitment to transparency – it’s important that people be able to see and trust the decision-making process
  • School code of conduct, and anti-bullying policies and supports for students – making sure these policies are understandable, coherent, and effective in communicating the rights and responsibilities of our students, programs for anti-bullying and supports, and building strong communities
  • Recruitment and retention for employees.