Opinion: Takeaways from the school board candidate forum – Prince George Citizen

“Often it makes sense to elect someone new, who has no experience, and is eager to learn.  A fresh perspective to look at how things are being done.  Unfortunately, our school board is experiencing a crisis of leadership and our students are suffering because of it.  For this reason, I was seeking to hear who had put the effort in to prepare themselves before being elected.  Who would be able to hit the ground running as a newly elected trustee?
Through all the questions posed by the moderator, it was Sarah Holland who impressed me the most with her understanding and answers.  She grasped the scope of the role of the trustee and the challenges facing the board, both on governance and the budget shortfall.”

Prince George Citizen opinion, June 12th

The other media was The Talon, the Duchess Park Secondary school student newspaper. Trustee candidates have had many media requests in this campaign, but this email was one of my favourites, in part due to this paragraph: “Please do not exceed 50 words for each of your answers to the questions below. We will publish your responses word-for-word (obvious typos may be corrected). We will also fact check interview answers and respond with an appropriate comment after your response, if we find them to be factually inaccurate.”

Kudos to editor and writer Dayton Sardinha, and I look forward to their future media career with interest!

By sarah